The terminal is gone?

People who use Linux will understand this well!

Our terminal will not be prompted at times! There are many reasons behind this and many solutions for this.

You can see some of these here in the stack-over-flow.

A quick and easy solution is to reinstall your OS!

As we are installing our OS again…definitely you need to back up your data in your cloud.

First of all, For reinstalling your OS you need to have it handy in your Pendrive.

Let’s start! Follow these simple steps to reinstall your OS.

  1. Insert your Pendrive and shut down your computer.
  2. Press F9
  3. Select USB device boot or Boot options.
  4. Click on install Ubuntu.
  5. Select your language for the system.
  6. Select Normal installation + Third-party applications
  7. Give names for you (administrator) and the computer
dragonwarrior is the computer’s name!

8. Restart! and Rock!

I hope this helps you! Adios.



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