Setup Flutter on Linux in less than 10mins!

I am going to setup Flutter on Linux using the Terminal.

Firstly, you have to install an IDE for using flutter. That’s pretty simple, go to the official site and install them on your machine.

Here, I am using the VS Code as my IDE.

Let’s begin!

Go to the official website of Flutter and copy the Snapd command provided there.

Paste that in your Terminal, you will find it’s installed.

If not, first install snapd and then try this again.

Next, run this command

flutter upgrade

you will find something like this, it means it’s upgrading your flutter.

Now run one these commands,

flutter doctor
flutter doctor -v

Flutter doctor is the command that shows you the required things you need on your system to use flutter. Whereas “flutter doctor -v” is the command that shows the things in a more detailed manner.

so, now we have to change the channel from beta to master. It is beta in default. Use this command to do so.

flutter channel master

Last but not the least… we have to connect our device to flutter, I mean we have to enable it to our local machine. Use the following command to do so.

flutter config --enable-linux-desktop

Finally, run the flutter doctor command to know the present situation of your flutter in your machine.

So this is how we can setup flutter on Linux.

As flutter uses dart, we also need to ensure that both are on the same path, I mean in the same bin directory.

For checking that, follow these commands:

which flutter
which dart
which flutter dart

Thank you, see you in the next blog!

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